Poet, Singer-Songwriter Lena Recollet is starting off her year with some comedy on APTN and working towards her next album.

SOUTHERN ONTARIO 2014, --- Since the release of her first album, “I Am Woman, Kwe”. Lena Recollet has won a Native American Music Award, 2013 for Best Spoken Word Recording and a medal for a nomination of Debut Artist of the Year. She was also triple nominated in 2012 for Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards: Best Album Cover Design, Best New Artist & Best Pop CD. A multi-talented, driven and vibrant singer/songwriter, captivating with powerful lyrics, sultry spoken word, her poetry is bold in its lure. What makes her unique is her willingness to push herself beyond her limits and on occasion rise to live improvisation. She has had mentorship by Buffy Sainte Marie before opening for her at Phoenix Concert Hall for imagineNative Film Festivals "The Beat", where Lena's film screened prior to the performance.

Most recently Lena collaborated with another poet Just Jamaal on a hip-hop single "What It's All About". The latest collaboration has already aired on Think NDN (Vancouver) “Never Been Idle”show, (Toronto) and (Ottawa). Jamaal is a member of Ottawa group “Missing LinX” who also released their album in 2012 entitled “R.I.P. Charlie”. Nationless Minds is a new record label where Lena and Just Jamaal’s collaboration “What It’s All About” was recorded.

This coming 2014, Lena is preparing for her next album and a new poetry series. This time Lena has rehearsed with her bass guitar and keyboard to prepare prior to studio recording. This is a new step which wasn’t practiced on her previous “I Am Woman, Kwe” album.

Stay tuned to Aboriginal Peoples Television Network for the series "She Kills Me" where Lena will make her comedic debut. Lena is a former actress who graduated from The Centre for Indigenous Theatre in 2005 and transitioned into poetry, singing and making films. She is a versatile artist with range.

Lena Recollet Bio (PDF)

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