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Lena Recollet is a talented, driven and vibrant singer/songwriter. Having her perform at imagineNATIVE was amazing - she was fun and energizing to work with off-stage; her on-stage presence was sultry and poetic. Her willingness to push her own limits was inspiring when she welcomed the opportunity to perform unrehearsed and live during Martha Redbone's set - that was definitely my highlight for the night! Lena Recollet's spoken word poetry is bold in its lure and I look forward to hearing more from her!
- Sage

I have invited Lena to speak in several of my classes as a guest speaker. In those classes she shared her thoughts on topics including but not limited to: Indigenous feminism, mothering, Aboriginal history in Canada and Media representation. Lena is a prolific speaker and a dynamic individual who demonstrates a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to her work.She has mentored many people of diverse backgrounds and has an amazing ability to share her stories while at the same time inspiring and connecting with those around her. She engages students to think and reflect critically about their own narratives through the use of humour, passion and with an overall brilliance!
- Dr. Erica Neeganagwedgin
University of Toronto

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